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A Caring Alternative 10 Year Anniversary

MORGANTON, NC, June 20, 2016 – Behavioral health and Whole Person Care specialist A Caring Alternative is celebrating its 10th Anniversary of providing exceptional child, adolescent and adult services throughout western North Carolina.


A Caring Alternative was founded in March 2006 by Melaina Rhoney as a behavioral health organization with a cutting-edge vision to integrated health care approaches. It has grown from an organization with four employees to 130 employed specialists leading innovative practices to create a holistic approach with facilities located in Morganton, Asheville and Marion.


Ever-present changes in Mental Health Reform laws, coupled with evolving demographic profiles in the region, create sustained challenges for A Caring Alternative.  But sustained mission focus and client adaptability enable the practice to successfully provide needed services.


Services provided to A Caring Alternative’s 2,500 clients include Peer Support, Hospital Discharge Planning and Transition, Outpatient Therapy, Assertive Community Treatment Team, Community Support Team, Intensive In-Home, Therapeutic Foster Care, Day Treatment, Assertive Engagement, Critical Time Intervention and Tenancy Support.


“Unlike some of our competitors, A Caring Alternative is a values-based agency employing individuals who believe that the agency mission, philosophy and quality of service is achieved through customer-based service delivery, decision making and planning,” said Melaina Rhoney, chief executive officer for A Caring Alternative. “We are on the forefront of offering new services throughout western North Carolina that meet upcoming changes in behavioral health patterns and growing needs in our communities.”


In the course of 10 years, Rhoney said that the agency has developed a core set of practice values that properly address the needs of its individuals served and its employees. Those values are: Exceptional Delivery Service; Individual and Professional Growth, and Agency Preservation and Growth.


Combined, these values enable convenient and professional care to individuals, allow personal and professional growth for staff and maintain a focus on customer service and stakeholder satisfaction.


Significant expansions of service in recent years have positively impacted the school systems. “We are currently active in Buncombe, Burke, and McDowell counties providing innovative school-based mental health services, including outpatient therapy and Day Treatment.  We have recently been awarded the contract for Asheville City Schools,” Rhoney said.


Additionally, A Caring Alternative and its leadership were instrumental in the creation and operational management of Burke Integrated Health Care which offers collaborative services utilizing a variety of disciplines in a whole person model of care delivery including primary care, mental health, screening and treatment of trauma, substance use disorders and more.


“Over the past 10 years we have seen exceptional growth,” Rhoney said. “But we service communities with exceptional needs and we do not see those challenges abating. I am proud of the people and services A Caring Alternative offers to the communities to address behavioral healthcare needs.”


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