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Virginia DeMoss

Chief Compliance Officer

Virginia DeMoss has nearly 15 years experience in the behavioral health field. She earned her Masters in Social Work from Florida State University in 2008 and became a fully Licensed Clinical Social Worker in 2012, after making a permanent move to Western North Carolina.

Virginia's work in community mental health services, and particularly community-focused residential programming, have continually highlighted the critical and delicate balance needed amongst access to resources, equity, and recovery, in order for anyone to live a well and meaningful life . In her role as Chief Compliance Officer, she works to bridge the gap between what is needed to support our clients and families where they are, and how best to advance those we serve towards where they want to be through continuous quality improvement efforts across each aspect of service delivery and daily operations at A Caring Alternative.

Virginia is a musician, mom of three, and her favorite thing to do is to laugh!

(828) 608-3472

Virginia DeMoss
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