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Care Haven

Putting Clients Care First

Care Haven is a 5-bed, non-leveled community respite facility located in Marion, serving children and adolescents ages 6-17 who are diagnosed with either a mental health issue or dual diagnosed (MH/DD). Community respite provides periodic relief for primary caregivers. Care Haven also offers services to children awaiting permanent placement in either foster care or a higher level of care. Care Haven is currently available to Vaya consumers and through DSS contracts.

Clients can stay for 24 calendar days without prior authorization. Supervision is provided around the clock by trained paraprofessionals. Care Haven is not a crisis facility and does not provide crisis intervention services. If a child cannot maintain safety, Care Haven reserves the right to contact guardians and give a 24-hour notification of discharge.

Care Haven

Each referral will be reviewed to determine whether Care Haven is an appropriate fit for the child.

Care Haven

P: (828) 475-1705

F: (828) 559-0773

Marion, NC


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