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Success Stories
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Burke Children's Services Reviews:

"A Caring Alternative has done an excellent job with my child and has made the process of therapy a lot easier to handle than any other organization we have went through."

"Just wanted to say that being at A Caring Alternative has helped my son and my family be more aware of many ways to help him grow and become more successful with his abilities. He is changing and growing every day."

"Me and my family are very grateful for the difference the intensive in home team has made in our home and with our children."

"I would like to say that I am forever grateful for A Caring Alternative for helping my child and family."

McDowell Children’s Services Reviews:

“They are very concerned about our problems, always very calm and sensitive to our problems. They have excellent teamwork, flexibility, communication, and understanding.”

“The advice, the understanding, the ability to talk to our son and get his understanding. He has come such a long way - I am impressed and thankful for all the ‘in-home therapy that we both have gotten.”

“They listen to the needs of the family and try to accommodate them. The staff is also courteous and professional.”

“My child has come a very long way in a short amount of time, and I believe that is due to staff being genuine in caring about him. It’s not just for show. They have helped us both so much.”

“This is an awesome service, and I would recommend it to anyone. At one point, I could see no hope - now I do.”

“ACA had provided an alternative option for helping my child when previous school settings were failing. The staff was caring and determined to help and try alternative efforts. I like how mixed ages and (older and more stable peers) are assisting by example to younger, less advanced students/peers. The staff has gone the extra mile, and they CARE about helping children/families.”


Buncombe Day Treatment Reviews:

“A Caring Alternative Day Treatment was great for my child.  It helped me understand meltdowns, how to handle them, and the emotions that come with them.  My child excelled academically after he left Day Treatment.  When he first went into treatment, he was unable to write or read.  By the time he completed the program, he was much closer to grade level and was eager to learn.  The counselors, the teachers, the therapist, everybody involved were great to help me understand his diagnosis and to be able to help my child.  Everything about the whole program was good.  I don’t think I could have done it without them.  After he was through with Day Treatment, the help provided by the Transition Outpatient Therapist helped him to be successful at his base school.”

–Parent of a student who attended Oasis (Elementary School) Day Treatment as well as utilized Transition Outpatient Therapy

Burke Adult Services Reviews:

“I am very pleased with the overall process and the caring attitudes of everyone we have come in contact with. Their professionalism and consistency to show us that my granddaughter and grandson are not just another patients are commendable.”

“I was seen and assessed quickly. My first appointment was very soon after the assessment. My therapist has been beneficial in concerning my issues. She and I “click.” She is objective and helps me to be a more positive person.”

“I am very pleased with the services our family has received. I have and would recommend it to friends and family. Thank you for caring and helping us in this very challenging time in our lives.”

"A Caring Alternative has done a wonderful job providing me the services that I need. I have seen significant improvement in myself. The staff goes beyond to do what they can. A smiling receptionist always makes one's day a little better. I'm grateful for this place."

"I've been in an out of therapy since I was nine and have rarely if ever found a therapist who "gets me" and is caring and supportive the way mine is at ACA."

"I am just thankful I found all the ones I have worked with at ACA - they have saved my life. They actually care. Most therapists don't got a clue. My ACT team is part of my family. I feel like they know me and are not in it for the money."

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